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Keller successfully completes first Helical pile job in the UK

Keller has just completed its first Helical pile job in the UK.

The project, at Yarm rail station in Cleveland, involved the installation of 24no, 4.1m long piles as part of platform extension work.

The requirement for a helical piled foundation solution was outlined by TSP Projects, the project consultant on behalf of main contractor Story Contracting Ltd.

With programme being key, Story worked with Keller to optimise the piled solution to allow the programme to be reduced in comparison to traditional concrete pad foundations.

The piles were installed over two weekend possessions with all piles completed in less than eight hours working time.

“The works were successfully completed within programme and budget - a huge success for Keller’s first Helical pile project in the UK, said Peter Farr, Senior Estimator.

“We consulted with Keller colleagues from Cyntech in Canada where this is a more widely-used technique to tap into their expertise. This shows our global strength allowing us to call upon the wider Keller family to help us work with consultants and main contractors to develop solutions here in the UK.”

Helical piles are constructed using steel shafts with helical flights specifically designed at intervals along the shaft to transfer the load through the pile into the competent soils below.

The shafts are advanced to bearing depth by rotating each section into the soil while monitoring torque to estimate the pile capacity. After reaching the required design depth and capacity, the tops of the shafts are connected to the structure via a bespoke connection detail most suited to the application.

Helical piles can be instantly loaded once installed which negates any curing periods, unlike traditional concrete foundations therefore allowing clients to reduce cost and programme for their project.

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