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Three into Two equal success for Keller

Keller has won a prestigious award after introducing a new working practice which saves time, money and is kind to the environment.
The Federation of Piling Specialists, which represents the interest of piling companies in the UK, awarded Keller the Technology prize for the company’s ‘Three into Two’ innovation at their annual awards.
The initiative reduces the number of HGV lorries needed for the deployment to site of Vibrocat and Minicat machines, loading shovels and supporting equipment and removed the requirement for a hydraulic lorry loader.
Billy Skeen, Keller’s Ground improvement Construction Manager, who came up with the idea to reduce the number of lorries, said: “One of the first things I noticed when I came into this job was the amount of space wasted on the lorries when equipment was being loaded.
“So we started with the dimensions of the lorries and worked back and made things fit them, taking one unit at a time. It’s taken about 3-4 years to come to fruition but it’s nice to get a bit of recognition.”
The Three into Two plan has involved completely redesigning site welfare cabins, the stores unit and the fuel bowser which have all been reduced in size to fit more neatly onto the back of the lorries.
A video has also been made to show site staff how to load them most efficiently.
The plan has brought many benefits to the UK business including:
• Reduced carbon footprint
• Reduced mobilisation costs
• Reduced site traffic
• Reduced deployment time and improved efficiency
• Reduced road congestion by taking the extra vehicle off the road
• Improved safety
• Made the UK business unit more sustainable,
• Enabled the business unit to become self-sufficient when loading in the yard and at site
• Significantly enhanced clients’ view of Keller
Keller is now looking to see how the initiative demonstrated by Billy and the ground improvement team can be replicated within other divisions.