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Bulk Fill Grouting

With the wide variety of coal mining methods and extraction patterns developed in Britain now in various states of deterioration or collapse, careful consideration needs to be given to the most appropriate method of treatment.  Consolidation grouting is generally the preferred approach.  The key to success in grouting such sites is detailed understanding of the mining and geological conditions, and the experience to interpret the available information.

The workings may be single or multi-seam, horizontal or inclined.  In their present state they may be open or collapsed, dry or waterlogged, or underlying unconsolidated deposits or fractured rock strata as a result of partial subsidence.  There might be old mine shafts present that are often now hidden.  They could be empty, backfilled completely from the bottom, or the infill may be supported on an obstruction or platform at a shallower depth.

Each condition requires a particular approach to the method of grouting.  Keller Geotechnique offer a full grouting design and construct service to meet all these variations.

Bulk filling generally uses a cement/PFA mix to suit site conditions with compressive strengths in the order of 1.0 N/mm2. The mixes may include Sand and Bentonite etc.  as required.  Gravel is introduced to fill major voids and/or to form containment barriers.


Bulk infill grouting is normally carried out from primary grout injection holes on a square grid with secondary and tertiary holes as required.

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