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Driven Pre Cast Piling

Due to their versatility, driven piles are widely used and are suited to most ground conditions.

Driven piles can be used in many situations...such as
  • weak and loose strata overlying a hard stratum
  • high groundwater situations  
  • Contaminated sites where spoil is to be avoided
  • Ideal for aggressive ground conditions
Key benefits are:
  • Piles are pre-manufactured to factory standards to a required length and standard conformity
  • No spoil is generated
  • Piling is unaffected by ground water such as in artesian conditions
  • rapid follow-on construction

Piles are factory produced in standard lengths, and driven into the ground using a hydraulic hammer until the required depth/resistance is reached. Long piles can be joined together using a proprietary joint system

Keller use the most up-to-date enclosed hydraulic hammers, which keep noise disturbance to a minimum.

Where we've done it

Residential projects are particularly suited to driven pre cast concrete piling, with lower mobilisation rates...

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