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Restricted Access Piling

Keller offer a wide range of restricted access piling solutions (CFA, drilled, Pali Radice, cased augered, secant and contiguous walls) to cope with restricted access sites such as railways, tunnels, basements, road sides, operating retail stores, underpinning buildings etc.. where conventional piling equipment would not be suitable.

Piles can be constructed in headroom as low as 2.3m using our extensive versatile fleet of rigs (electric and diesel powered) which ensure noise and vibration is kept to a minimum. Our solutions offer high capacity piles in almost every type of ground  with diameters up to 600mm coupled with the ability to penetrate obstructions including timber.

Drilling through concrete, a bridge abutment  or an old dock wall are areas we are particularly adept in. Numerous major bridges and structures have been underpinned or strengthened using Keller minipiles.

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Keller Geotechnique actively got involved at an early stage with the contractor  and designers to produce...

Project The installation of 520No sectional flight augured bored piles to provide support and mitigate settle...

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