Keller is looking to gain Investors in Diversity status as it aims to promote fairness for everybody in the workplace.

Keller is applyinf for Investors in Diversity status

To achieve this, we’ve been working closely with the National Centre for Diversity (NCFD), who are helping us to embed best Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) practices in the business to make sure everyone has a fair chance of succeeding, whatever their background.

“While this will benefit our staff, it should also have a positive effect on the business,” said Am Ingham, Keller UK’s HR and Training Manager.

“Providing opportunities to our existing workforce and bringing new skills into the business based on merit means that we are able to grow the business to target new sectors and regions and are flexible enough to respond quickly to market conditions.

“Also, having a workforce which reflects the diversity of communities in which we work is extremely important to our business and often means that we share and understand the concerns of residents and the business community local to projects on which we are working. “

Keller’s plans for EDI brings us into line with many of our clients e.g. Network Rail, HS2 and Highways England, with whom we share the common commitment to improve EDI practices within the workplace.

As part of our bid to gain Investors in Diversity status staff have completed a survey and commented on our EDI practices and external assessors have spoken with a random selection of staff to understand how we currently manage EDI. We have also provided the NCFD with information on our recruitment and selection process, diversity statistics, policies and procedures focussing on EDI, procurement and tendering processes.  

Am Ingham said: “We’re working towards achieving our Investors in Diversity status because we are committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) at Keller. EDI concerns us all. It is therefore extremely important that we work collaboratively to create an environment where there is equality of opportunity and mutual respect.”

Published on
5 Aug 2019