Keller were given the task of installing support for new structures at a railway station. As the programme was tight, the quick installation times made our helical pile solution an ideal alternative to concrete foundations.

The heads of the helical piles
The heads of the helical piles

The project

A footbridge and platform was required at a new railway station in the north of England.

The challenge

Restricted working hours limited the amount of time Keller had to install the piles per shift. Also the difficult ground conditions made the task of installing each pile to design depth harder.

The solution

The need for a helical piled foundation solution was outlined by Story Contracting Ltd due to time constraints on site and the requirement to manage many resources within a limited working area. A number of challenges were identified during the design phase, including underground services being close to pile locations.  

With programme being key, Story engaged with Keller to optimise the piled solution to allow the programme to be reduced in comparison to mass traditional concrete pad foundations. A total of 10 No 140 mm diameter helical piles were installed to 11m over four midweek possessions of only 3-4 working hours per shift, with all piles completed in less than sixteen hours total working time.

The piling works were successfully completed ahead of the anticipated programme duration

Project facts


Network Rail

Keller business unit(s)

Keller UK

Main contractor(s)

Story Contracting Ltd