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Corporate and Social Responsibility

Keller is committed to maintaining a sustainable business and to meeting our corporate responsibilities, ensuring a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come.  We believe that a profitable business, employee welfare, community involvement and care for our environment are not competing interests and in order to be a successful and sustainable company, we need to realise that alignment. Our business ethics are also a key part of the way we work.

In 2015, Keller celebrated 155 years of trading; of course we want to continue to 2160 and beyond. Being sustainable will be at the heart of our continued success.

This means building on our strengths and further development in the following areas:

  • Our people - essentially how we treat and care for our employees.
  • Corporate citizenship - taking the time to value our communities.
  • Design and innovation - developing sustainable solutions that use recycled materials if possible
  • Care for the environment - protecting and caring for our surroundings including careful stewardship of natural resources.
  • Step Forward - we encourage employees at all levels to come forward withideas for improving their way of working or their environment

Our CSR document sets out our approach to the wider issue of Corporate and Social Responsibility, please take a look.

Our commitment to improving health and safety in all that we do is enshrined in our Think Safe Programme. Our HSEQ Policy can be found here.

Finally, should you wish to read our Code of Conduct and Business Policies you will find this here. We at Keller are proud of our values, please take time to read this.

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