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Health & Safety & Environment

The Board and senior management teams remain focused on achieving our goal of zero injuries through continuous improvement in our health and safety performance. 

With the support of our employees around the Group, we have worked hard to create a safe working environment across all of our businesses and we entered  2015 determined to achieve our goal of zero injuries.

We identified a number of high-risk areas within the business, and each business had a completion date for certain improvements up to and including 2018.

Reduction in incidents associated with heavy plant and equipment: we focused on the prevention of large equipment overturning, using the outcome of a review to develop better guidance on prevention. This was carried out by the HSE safety team, together with our technical engineers. They looked at working platforms, operator competency and common circumstances where failures could occur. Significant improvement has been made in this area.

Reduction in injuries to hands and feet: we introduced a ‘Carry Glove’ policy across the Group, supported with an awareness campaign that included local road shows and events. In a small number of instances, modifications were made to existing equipment to prevent access to moving parts.

Occupational health and wellbeing: Keller will not work on a site without proper welfare facilities.Our staff and site teams undergo random drugs and alcohol testing and working hours are kept sensible.

Implementation of OHSAS 18001 or an equivalent standard: each division has put in place a strategy and time frame to gain certification by 2018. The Group’s Head Office retained the certification it first gained in 2013.