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Effective placements stretch students – allowing employers to delegate responsibility and variety of work beyond expectation by the end of 9 – 15 months.

Keller values the concept of work placements.

What we offer

  • Real experience compared with classroom or laboratory simulation
  • Additional knowledge absorbed alongside experienced professionals
  • Understanding of the workplace environment and pressures
  • Confidence gained from making a practical contribution

Work experience can help a student to understand that team working and dealing with people are at least as important as technical know-how.

Other benefits of work experience are – enhanced employability and money! The former is self-evident when the job market is competitive and any track record of work experience helps differentiate a student’s application.

The trainee will be introduced to, and obtain practical experience in, a selection of the following ICE accredited objectives:

  1. Familiarisation with specialist construction problem solving methods, techniques, and plant and equipment used in a wide range of ground engineering applications.
  2. Introduction to project management including many of the following duties: -
  3. Setting out and basic surveying.
  4. Quality Control testing principles and specialist practice.
  5. Quality Assurance Management.
  6. A range of full scale ground treatment and pile performance testing and interpretation.
  7. Dealings with labour force and staff at all levels.
  8. Client communication.
  9. Introduction to Health and Safety Management.
  10. Attendance at site meetings.
  11. Use of computers for design, technical data manipulation and production control.
  12. Understanding and interpretation of Conditions of Contract, Specifications and Contract Law.
  13. Preparation of Technical Proposals, Design Calculations and Method Statements.
  14. Liaison with procurement, operations control and plant maintenance functions.
  15. Attendance at “In-House” Technical and Procedural Seminars.

The responsive trainee is expected to attain a significant level of variety and responsibility.

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How to apply

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