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Keller boosts business development and marketing team

Keller UK has strengthened its business development and marketing team with the appointment of Mark WIlliams.

Name:  Mark Williams

Qualifications: Software Engineering graduate of Nottingham Trent University.

Role at Keller: North West Europe Development and Marketing Director

Where are you from and what were you doing before coming to Keller?: I am originally from Nottinghamshire and now live there again with my wife Tavia and my children, Henry (11) and Maia (9).  Tavia is a teaching assistant working with children with special educational needs, Henry is in the British martial arts team and travels the world competing in kickboxing, taekwondo and karate tournaments and Maia loves playing the piano, reading and maths.  Prior to joining Keller, I was the Group Development Director for Van Elle responsible for opportunities, market planning, client relationships, reporting, business growth and marketing.  I am also a Corporation Board member of Vision West Nottinghamshire College.

What made you want to work for Keller?: Quite simply reputation, technical ability and global strength.  As construction markets are becoming more international in terms of clients, their product knowledge and their expertise, I wanted to work for a business which could apply global experience and resource to deliver the ultimate solution and support for every project.  I am also very excited about working closely with our teams in Sweden and Finland to fully explore their markets, identify growth opportunities and implement a strategy to support their business requirements.

What is your area of expertise?: Business analysis, relationship/business development and marketing.  My expertise is quite varied and ranges from setting up new businesses and specialist divisions to improving processes and procedures, writing tender bids, public speaking and presenting, exploring new markets (sectors and geographical) and writing and implementing growth plans.  Ultimately, I enjoy working with talented people to help deliver a better customer experience resulting in a more successful business.  

What have been your favourite projects to work on before joining Keller?: I have always enjoyed working on technically challenging schemes, particularly in the infrastructure markets.  Interesting projects with which I have recently been involved include the installation of anchor piles in the Falkland Islands for shipping platforms, Eden Brow’s piled retaining walls following a 500,000t landslip, the national Track Bed Stabilisation Framework, MMLE route upgrade/electrification and a multitude of highways and utility schemes.