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Wet Soil Mixing

Wet Soil Mixing involves the introduction of cementitious grout directly into the ground through the use of purpose built tools, typically at 1.5m diameter. The system is designed to achieve reduced permeability and/or increased strength within the soil mass and so provide support or settlement control beneath structures, embankments and working platforms.


About vibrocompaction at keller.

Innovation - Rigid Inclusions

Rigid Inclusions are a method of reinforcing organic or very weak soils with a structural column to reduce settlements. The column can be installed by rotary methods such as displacement auger or, more commonly in the UK, with driven or vibrated methods.

Continuous Flight Auger Piling

Continuous Flight Auger Piling is a well established method for constructing piles in urban locations where noise and vibration would otherwise cause disturbance. On contaminated sites Keller displacement systems such as Driven Cast Insitu or Driven Pre Cast Piles are often preferred.

Vibro Concrete Columns

The Vibro Concrete Column (VCC) piling system provides a quiet, economical, mess free piling solution for sites underlain by weak alluvial or organic deposits such as peat and soft clays.Extremely quiet with low vibration, the Keller VCC piling system is an environmentally acceptable alternative to driven precast or cast insitu systems.

Compensation Grouting Soilfrac

Compensation Grouting is a process used to control or reverse the settlement of structures. It consists of the injection of material into the soil between the foundation to be controlled and the process causing the settlement such as tunnelling or excavation. Compensation Grouting may be used in most soil types ranging from gravels to clays or weak soils.

Compaction Grouting

Compaction Grouting is the injection of very stiff, low slump (25-75mm) mortar-type grout under relatively high pressures to displace and compact soils in place. It is most effective in cohesionless soils but can also be effective in the short term in finer grained soils where disturbance has occurred. The system is ideal for treating solution features in chalk, limestone or other soluble strata.

Dry Soil Mixing

Deep Dry Soil Mixing is a highly effective ground treatment system used to improve the load performance characteristics of soft clays, peats and other weak soils . The process, which originates from Scandinavia, employs the effects of both hydration of the clay and the bonding of soil particles to increase the shear strength and reduce the compressibility of the soil mass.

Dynamic Compaction

Dynamic Compaction is a well established technique to treat large sites or sites with major obstructions such as old power stations, infilled docks or deep open cast workings. The technique is probably the greenest solution of all requiring no introduction of concrete or stone into the soil.

Ground Anchors

Keller have a comprehensive temporary and permanent ground anchor offering. We undertake Keller SBMA (single bore multiple anchors) high capacity anchors, RMA (removeable multiple anchor),and in clays, Multibell Anchors.


Vibroreplacement is Keller’s method of constructing densely compacted stone columns through fill material and weak soils, to improve their load bearing and settlement characteristics. The solution provides an economic and technically sound solution for treating a wide range of soils. This system is ideal for a wide range of soils and for a large cross section of sturctures from housing to hypermarkets and many civil engineering applications.

Permeation Grouting

Permeation Grouting is the injection of a fluid grout into granular, fissured or fractured ground to produce a solidified mass to carry increased load and or to fill voids and fissures to control water flow. Sands, gravels, coarser open materials and fissured/jointed and fractured rock can be treated.

Jet Grouting

Jet Grouting is a procedure for the insitu construction of solidified ground of pre-determined shape, size and depth. This solidified ground is often known as Soilcrete. The system is commonly used to underpin major structures such as quay walls, bridges and large building foundations in advance of excavation or to treat ground ahead of tunnelling.

Soil Nailing

Soil Nailing provides a cost effective and efficient solution to slope stability and earth retention problems on highway widening schemes, railway cuttings and for commercial developments. Soils nail consists of a grouted reinforcing bar and are usually used in conjunction with a facing system such as sprayed concrete or geo-mesh fabrics.

Keller in Action

By 2018 Victoria Tube Station will have a new ticket hall with more connecting tunnels that will join the existing parts and new parts of the station together. These have all been constructed in water bearing soils needing treatment. This is the largest jet grouting project undertaken in Europe.

Project Harrier Time Lapse

A time lapse video of our record breaking project for Volker Fitzpatrick at Daventry Rail Freight Terminal.

Getec Embankment Settlement Monitoring

Getec monitor perfomance of an embankment - this shows some of our work...

Driven Precast pile installation at Bicester Eco Village

Bottom-feed Vibro Stone Columns

Vibro treatment at a housing site in Dartford, Kent, for Bellway Homes

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Driven Cast In-Situ Piling

Piling installed for UPS distribution centre at London Gateway

Environmental Stone Columns

Ground improvement work for a Bloor Homes site in Rowhedge, Essex 

Top-feed Vibro Stone Columns

Ground improvement at Claydon Business Park, Ipswich

Keller CFA piling at Wembley

Keller UK installing CFA piles at a residential development in Wembley, north London.

KIng Post Wall, Napier Park, Luton

Installation of a King Post Wall for Redrow Homes

Driven Cast In-Situ at Dagenham

Driven Cast In Situ piles being installed at Goresbrook, near Dagenham

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