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Anchors & Soil Nailing

When sites need to change level Keller have a number of tools that can be used. Ground Anchors can be used to restrain a sheet pile or bored pile wall.  Soil Nails are an excellent way of steepening cutting slopes above the natural angle of repose or acting as temporary works as levels on a site are reduced.

Keller are Market Leaders in Europe in the field of Ground Anchorages. We patented the Single Bore Multiple Anchor, (SBMA), where four or more strands are inserted in one drill hole. The capacity achieved with this approach can be some 50% more than alternative systems-in fact its such a good system we patented it.

With an increase in road widening schemes and new rail routes we see an upturn in Soil Nailing and already we have installed Nails on the M1 ,M42, M11 and M2 widening schemes. Our wide range of drilling systems from light rigs that we put on a access platforms through to side drilling Casagrande rigs means we can drill and install nails into most soil types. Phi Group’s reinforced earth  heritage means we can often offer a combined nail and timber or fabric facing scheme. Whatever finish you want to see our nailing solutions can be made visually attractive.

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