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Cut Off & Barriers

Cut Off Walls can be used to prevent ingress of contaminated groundwater or to divert flows through treatment gates. It is the blend of our own high shear mixing equipment and grouting knowledge that equips us to be the best in this field.

Slurry Walls use specially designed slurry mixes to act as both trench support and thence cure to very low permeabilities forming a seal. We use this technology in dam sealing and forming barriers around landfill sites. Where gas migration is an issue slurry walls are combined with HDPE liners which are lowered into wet slurry on frames. Gas tight seals connect the panels.

Slurry walls can be used to channel contaminated water flow in order that it passes through treatment cells –commonly known as permeable reactive barriers.  Carbon chambers can be used as the “gate” through which some contaminants can be removed as groundwater is channeled through.

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