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Ground Improvement

The Keller family designed and patented the depth vibrator during the 1930s in the Rhine Valley and from this the company has grown into the market leader for ground improvement techniques.We still make our wide range of vibrators in our factory in Renchen - an 80-year pedigree.

We use Ground Improvement to treat beneath structures from light industrial units to residential buildings up to 6 storeys in the right soils. We can also treat soils to mitigate the effects of liquefaction on nuclear facilities and power stations.

We are often the first choice of Engineers and Contractors alike to team up with and provide early advice. Our experience is unrivalled and our design capability leads our sector.

We have made contributions to current specifications, assisted the NHBC and take what we do seriously, after all it is your Client's house, factory or power station.



Vibroreplacement is Keller’s method of constructing densely compacted stone columns through fill material and weak soils, to improve their load bearing and settlement characteristics. The solution provides an economic and technically sound solution for treating a wide range of soils. This system is ideal for a wide range of soils and for a large cross section of sturctures from housing to hypermarkets and many civil engineering applications.

Environmental Stone Columns

Ground improvement work for a Bloor Homes site in Rowhedge, Essex 

Top-feed Vibro Stone Columns

Ground improvement at Claydon Business Park, Ipswich

Where we've done it

Our solutions are used across the construction industry from residential development, infrastructure and civil engineering to the energy and resource sectors.

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We deliver cost effective foundation and ground engineering solutions safely - click on the arrows to find the techniques you are looking for.