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Dynamic Deep Compaction

Dynamic Deep Compaction (DDC) is an important ground improvement technique, capable of compacting a wide variety of weak soils. The ground improvement results in increased bearing capacity and reduced settlement. In this way soil conditions on many marginal sites can be improved to the point where shallow foundations can be used without deep excavation or piling.

With DDC, the ground is subjected to repeated surface tamping using a heavy steel and concrete weight. Typically the tamper weighs between 5 and 10 tonnes, dropping in free fall from heights of up to 10 metres. The tamper is dropped a set number of times on a grid pattern over the site to form a pass. Two or three passes on a site, dependent on soil type and condition, can be required. The imprints formed at each drop position are infilled with granular material after each pass.

The treatment pattern, energy level, number of passes and phasing of passes must be designed to take into account the soil conditions, type of development and required bearing capacity and settlement characteristics. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of the soils prior to treatment, and to maintain very close control during all phases of the work. Typically, insitu testing by borehole or static cone penetrometer, allied with measurement of print volume and site surface settlement is performed during the dynamic deep compaction contract.

Dynamic Compaction

Dynamic Compaction is a well established technique to treat large sites or sites with major obstructions such as old power stations, infilled docks or deep open cast workings. The technique is probably the greenest solution of all requiring no introduction of concrete or stone into the soil.

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