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Environmental Stone Columns

When aquifers underlay made ground a stone column is sometimes perceived as potential path for contamination. In reality, vibro treatment reduces the mass permeability and so this is rarely an issue. However, in some cases it is necessary to seal the base of the columns. This is where Keller’s Environmental Stone Columns (ESC) can provide the perfect answer. In the long term,  developments such as retail parks and supermarkets are covered with hard standing and this surfacing and the buildings are effectively a barrier to downward percolation of surface water.

Keller can mitigate this risk by installing ESCs. ESCs have a  minimum one metre thick lean mix concrete plug at their base installed with a modified bottom feed vibro rig.  This technique prevents contact of the stone column with any permeable stratum which could be an aquifer but allows the benefits of vibro to be taken advantage of.

Environmental Stone Columns

Ground improvement work for a Bloor Homes site in Rowhedge, Essex 

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