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Keller has the biggest grouting toolkit in the industry and our expertise has been built up over 40 years. At the domestic scale Compaction Grouting is used to fill voids as a result of dissolution or collapse of workings beneath gardens, houses and floors.  At the opposite end of the scale, in major Civil Engineering projects such as dams, tunnels and roads permeation grouting and jet grouting is commonly employed.

As more structures such as basements and below ground parking are built in towns and cities so our solutions have been in demand for ground retention and sealing. Jet Grouting is a solution which can both underpin an adjacent structure and also form a cut off. It is also commonly used to form basal seals in cofferdams, shafts and tunnel boring starter pits. We often combine grouting solutions with piling or soil mixing from other Keller divisions.

Don’t forget, Europe’s largest ever jet grouting project has been undertaken in London over the last four years as part of the £700m Victoria Station Upgrade, a scheme for which Keller have won a number of coveted awards and accolades. We use the best kit, experienced teams and blend it with knowledge from Austria and Germany, that’s what we mean by technology transfer.

Also in London, on the Crossrail Project, we have used even more sophisticated tools; Compensation Grouting. It's exactly what it says on the box - when a shaft is sunk or a tunnel passes nearby the relaxation that could affect a building can be compensated for by injecting special grouts between the movement source and affected structure. Make us part of your team; those who do come back for more.

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By 2018 Victoria Tube Station will have a new ticket hall with more connecting tunnels that will join the existing parts and new parts of the station together. These have all been constructed in water bearing soils needing treatment. This is the largest jet grouting project undertaken in Europe.

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