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Contiguous Bored Piled Walls

Contiguous piled walls can be constructed in a variety of soils or soft rocks using  Keller Continuous Flight Auger Piling systems.

Keller retaining walls can be constructed either as free standing cantilevers, propped or anchored using fully removable high capacity ground anchors.

Design of Retaining Walls

All Keller Retaining Walls are designed in-house by highly experienced design engineers. Stability and wall displacements can be investigated using a range of design software, which includes finite element programs for use on the larger or more complex projects. The Keller design department is available at all times to provide advice and assistance to clients.

Minimising Deflection

Where deflection has to be kept to an absolute minimum, Keller can incorporate a compensation grouting system behind most walls to control and correct any movement.

Where we've done it

Keller installed bearing piles beneath the Olympic Media Centre, a building designed to house the world‘...

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