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It is with Displacement and Continuous Flight Auger piling techniques that Keller are best known for.However, both restricted access piling and vibro concrete columns are systems where we can benefit your scheme. Recently, we have added controlled stiffness columns to the solution toolkit-drawing on expertise from Keller France.

When working on brownfield land Engineers always look first to foundation solutions that do not generate spoil. Our best tools for this are Driven Cast In Situ and Pre Cast Piling. Driven Cast In Situ piles are frequently used in warehouse schemes to support floor slabs and piles can be formed with integral enlarged pile heads up to 1000mm diameter.

Pre Cast Driven Piles  are ideal for residential projects due to their rapid installation and competitive pricing. An additional displacement system introduced to the UK from Germany is Vibro Concrete Columns which, in certain circumstances , can save considerable pile length and thus cost.

Technology transfer from France has allowed us to introduce controlled stiffness columns, which ,combined with an overlying mattress, can allow ground bearing slabs to be used.  More piling tools means you could get a solution that you can win with from Keller- browse our solutions.

Innovation - Rigid Inclusions

Rigid Inclusions are a method of reinforcing organic or very weak soils with a structural column to reduce settlements. The column can be installed by rotary methods such as displacement auger or, more commonly in the UK, with driven or vibrated methods.

Driven Precast pile installation at Bicester Eco Village

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