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Rigid Inclusions

The system, which has previously been used by Keller in France and Germany, utilizes a stiff column within weak soils which is overlain by a Load Transfer Platform which in turn supports a ground bearing slab or an embankment.

Typically columns are 300 to 400mm in diameter and can be either bored with a displacement auger or vibrated in to place.

The load transfer mattress would normally be between 500 and 750mm in thickness and consist of densely rolled granular material such as 6F2 stone with or without geogrid depending on spacing of the stiff columns.

Keller analyse the performance of the system using in house finite element programmes.

Innovation - Rigid Inclusions

Rigid Inclusions are a method of reinforcing organic or very weak soils with a structural column to reduce settlements. The column can be installed by rotary methods such as displacement auger or, more commonly in the UK, with driven or vibrated methods.

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