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Driven Cast In Situ Piling

Keller's Driven Cast In Situ piling system is particularly suited to brownfield sites and has been used to support some of the UK's most iconic structures such as the O2 Dome, London's 2012 Olympic Stadium, several power stations and major distribution warehouses.

The system is particularly suited to regeneration sites where a legacy of obstructions would otherwise damage pre-formed piles. Pile diameters of up to 600mm diameter to 25m length are achievable using state of the art instrumented hydraulic hammers.

The robust nature of the system is a key feature and the method of working is as follows:

  • The 25mm thick heavy steel tube is driven with the end closed by a steel shoe
  • On reaching the required driving resistance a full length cage is lowered in to the tube
  • The tube is filled with high slump concrete
  • The tube is vibrated out leaving a shaft of concrete

If required, a former can be placed at the top to 1000mm diameter to form a pile head - ideal for supporting floor slabs without punching shear. Heads can be formed to a tolerance of +0/-25mm.  This technique has been used beneath major distribution warehouses for Tesco, Sainsburys, Ocado, Lidl, Royal Mail, DHL and many more logistics operators.


Driven Cast In-Situ at Dagenham

Driven Cast In Situ piles being installed at Goresbrook, near Dagenham

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