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Textomur Reinforced Soil

Textomur consists of horizontal geogrids or geotextiles typically at 600mm vertical centres within compacted cohesive or granular fill material. The facing to the slopes is formed using a steel mesh ‘formwork’ backed by a geosynthetic facing fabric which retains a layer of topsoil immediately behind the face.

The finished slope can be hydroseeded to establish grass, or planted with appropriate ground cover shrubs. A stone face finish can also be achieved for slopes above 65°. The system has a minimum design life of 60 years.

Can be built with site-won cohesive fill materials. This can generate substantial savings on import of granular fill and muck-away of cohesive arisings.

Can be built with curves, corners, terraces, varying wall heights and steps.

Visit www.phigroup.co.uk for more information.

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