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Anerobic Digestion Plant, Crowland, Driven Piling and Vibroreplacement

Anerobic Digestion Plants typically have large heavily loaded slurry tanks which can be sensitive to settlement, together with a clamp type structure holding the product before it is placed in the tanks.

At Crowland, typical of Fenland geology, the site was underlain by between 5 and 7m of soft clays, in turn underlain by stiff Lias Clays. Keller initially reviewed the feasibility of vibro techniques but the potential ensuing settlement of the tanks was outside usually accepted tolerances.

It was decided to pile all tanks and so some 1200 No 250mm square pre cast piles were driven in to the Lias Clays carrying loads up to 400kN. Over 80 piles were installed on some days using two rigs.

The clamp was less settlement sensitive and Keller designed a vibro scheme to support this and bring considerable savings to the project. Settlements of up to 75mm are anticipated but this can be designed for with careful detailing with adjacent structures and drainage.


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