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Beam Reach, Dagenham

The former Ford car factory in Dagenham is now primarily an engine plant and some parts of the site have been redeveloped into new factories and distribution units. The most recent of these, at Beam Reach, is the construction of four distribution and industrial units by Readie Construction.

On this project, they chose Keller’s solution of two different types of piling - DCIS and CFA and an enlarged head - as a means of minimising spoil generation.

Three units were piled using DCIS but one of the four units had a complication. It was located adjacent to the HS1 rail line and a medium pressure gas main.

It was decided to adopt a CFA piling technique in this area to minimise vibration and no disruption was caused to train services  Elsewhere on the site, we mitigated the risk of asbestos and working adjacent to high voltage cables.

For the floor slab we offered a 900mm diameter enlarged head. One of the main advantages of this is that we float finish them  to a precise level tolerance.

Heads are placed at +0/-25mm with the levelling controlled by ourselves.

A further benefit of the DCIS pile is that the good bond between the wet concrete and soil minimises contamination transfer and therefore is often favoured by the Environment Agency.

Client: Segro

Main contractor: Readie Construction

Year of Execution: 2017

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