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Compaction Grouting and Dynamic Compaction Beaconsfield

Keller Geotechnique (KG) were invited to provide ground treatment for dissolution features found in the Upper Chalk below the site of a future lined landfill facility. Cell 5B comprises an exhausted sand quarry approximately 15m deep.

The dissolution features needed to be stabilised by ground treatment in order to provide a cap of densified and stiffened material to a maximum depth of 15m below formation level. Compaction grouting, as well as dynamic compaction were the methods chosen to be most suitable for this site.

Dynamic Compaction (Vibro Replacement), carried out by Keller Foundations, involves dropping weights of up to 80kN in virtual free fall, from heights of up to 12m. These heights were achieved using an NCK Ajax Crawler Crane.

  • 3 No. Klemm 708 rigs, and 2 No  Klemm 709 rigs carried out all drilling      operations. Once the casing was drilled to the required depth of 15m, the augers or drill rods were removed and the casing withdrawn one grouting stage length (1m), ready for grout injection.
  • Grout was mixed on site, and stored in a holding tank before it was ready to be pumped to the drill rigs.
  • Grout was pumped via concrete pumps to the top of the casing, carried out in stage lengths of 1.0m, as this was the length of casing withdrawn  prior to each grout injection.

Sector: Environmental

Client: SLR Consulting Ltd

Principal Contractor: Keller

Solution: Compaction Grouting and Dynamic Compaction

Project Value: £620,808

Project Length: 8 WEEKS

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