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Eastleigh, Barton Park, Deep Wet Soil Mixing

For this £100,000 scheme Keller installed around 120 Deep Wet Soil Mixed (DWSM) columns to stabilise very loose sands and Made Ground for a permeability cut off wall. The DWSM columns treated the in-situ materials to a depth of upto 5.0m, to achieve a permeability of 1 x 10-7 ms-1. The works were completed using one rig and grout batching and pumping station.

Deep Wet Soil Mixing (DWSM) treated the in-situ loose sands and made ground to give an improved permeability of 1 x 10-7 ms-1.  120 No. 4.0m long DWSM columns were formed to enhance the properties of the existing ground to provide the required improved permeability for the boundary cut off wall. The wall was required to allow ongoing remediation works to be completed and mitigated the risk of contaminates leeching off site during this process.

Based on Keller‘s extensive experince of treating similar ground conditions, a CEM II binder content of 200kg/m3 of mixed ground., using a site batched grout.

To validate the works keller completed Permeability testing in accordance with BS1377 Part 6 on U100 samples taken from completed columns. On site sampling was completed on the site batched grout in accordance with BS EN 14679 to check the viscosity and the specific gravity of the material used.

The specially adapted DWSM rigs are fitted with onboard compter control that ensures a consistent product is delivered while recording detailed construction records providing a robust QA process.

Under the supervision of the Principal Contractor, Tamdown Construction, Keller undertook the works within a contract period of 4 weeks using 1 WSM rig and grout batching and pumping station as detailed below.


  • 120No. DWSM Columns installed - 900mm diameter
  • Treatment to a depth of 5.0m

Client: Tamdown Construction

Contractor: Tamdown Construction

Engineer:  Golders Associates

Year of execution: 2015

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