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London 2012 Olympic Athletics Stadium

Keller installed four different types of piles beneath the iconic London 2012 Olympic Athletics Stadium. The site was previously occupied by an industrial and a number of structures  had to be demolished. Some obstructions potentially remained beneath the site.The ground conditions beneath the site are variable and the optimum pile type was proposed for each geotechnical or structural loading scenario.

Driven Cast In situ Piles (DCIS) were predominantly utilised founding in either Terrace Gravels or the Lambeth Group. Where high lateral loads occured 600mm and 750mm diameter Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piles were installed. The stadium staircases, walkways and ramps are supported on Vibro Concrete Columns (VCC) founded in the gravels. Finally, the complex wrap system installed after completion of the structure, is supported on low headroom minipiles.

Keller had previously installed piles and stone columns beneath this site in the 70‘s and 80‘s and so the variability of the ground was well known.

It was clear during the tender design that a combination of solutions was required. Where the Terrace Gravels were thin long DCIS piles were founded into the Lambeth Group. Elsewhere, DCIS piles could be supported by the Terrace Gravels. Some piles were required to carry high lateral loads and Keller proposed CFA piles to match these criteria.

The lighter parts of the structure around the perimeter such as staircases, signs and fire escapes were supported on VCC founded in the Terrace Gravels.

Some 3700 piles were installed over the 6 month period completing the works on time and to budget.


  • 3000 Driven Cast In Situ Piles
  • 200 CFA Piles
  • 500 Vibro Concrete Columns

Client: Olympic Delivery Authority

Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine

Engineer: Buro Happold

Year of execution: 2008/9

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