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Marble Arch Place, London

To the north of Park Lane in London, overlooking Hyde Park, is the new £400million development of Marble Arch Place.

To facilitate the construction of a deep basement, a diaphragm wall was required. This posed a risk in destabilising the adjacent Great Cumberland Place building, a seven-storey office block. Keller provided an innovative solution to this problem – a jet grouted underpin.

The underpin was formed by grouting the sands and gravels between the underside of the footing and the London Clay below a retained height of approximately 3m.

Columns were inclined below the building to achieve the required treatment below the footing, at times drilling less than 0.5m from the public arena.

A 3D BIM model was used for the detailed design, to risk assess each column ensuring that the drill string of each column avoided the basement.

Each column was risk assessed to determine its proximity from the public arena. Utilising a specialist coring rig capable of coring through brickwork and steel Keller then cored the footing at the location of each column.

During all drilling and grouting operations, fellow Keller company Getec monitored for movement on both the party wall and the Great Cumberland Place basement slab using Hydrostatic Levelling Cells and Tilt Meters respectively. These were recorded in real time but the readings were supplemented with continuous visual inspections for grout / water ingress.

A total of 71 columns were installed to underpin a 30m section of the wall.

Client: Almacantar

Main Contractor: Erith

Year of execution 2017

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