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Northallerton King Post Wall

For this King Post Wall scheme, a Continuous  Flight Auger (CFA) piling technique was used to drill through dense sand and gravel ground using a Mait100 piling rig.

The piling operations were undertaken next to the railway network and thus works were to Network Rail standards. The Keller-designed scheme allowed for a retained height  of 3.0m and 10 kpa surcharge on the back of the wall. Keller undertook the full design and construct package.

Due to the groundwater levels, the CFA method was adopted to ensure that there was no risk associated with any water ingress or collapse of the bore during construction.

During the bore process a huge concrete slab was found approximately 2m under the working platform level. Keller helped to solved this issue by updating the drawing to avoid facing any further obstructions.

Keller completed the project within the programme period of five weeks.

78 No King Post with 600mm diameter bored with CFA system at depth range between 7.50m and 9m.

Client: Berkeley DeVeer Limited. Engineer: Bright Young Consultants Ltd

Year of Execution: 2015

Ground Conditions: Made ground overlying soft to firm clay with localized loose to dense sand and gravels.


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