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Sainsburys Store ,Sevenoaks

Sainsbury’s were extending a congested site at Sevenoaks underlain by soft alluvium.

The presence of soft and very soft clays precluded the use of vibro techniques. RG Group wanted a completely spoil free solution due to the presence of contamination within the upper soils yet avoid disruption to the store customers.

  A total of 250 piles 220mm square were installed carrying loads up to 300kN founded in the dense sands. The presence of the nearby very busy live store meant that care had to be taken in driving the closest piles with reduced hammer drops to keep vibration to a minimum.                                                .

Typical production rates of 15-20 piles per day were achieved generating no spoil.

As a standby Keller allocated a CFA rig with an agreed set of rates in case vibrations were excessive. In reality the vibrations were considerably less and the CFA approach was not needed.

CLIENT: Sainsbury's


SOLUTION: Driven Pre-Cast Piling


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