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Shirebrook Colliery, Distribution

At the site of a former open cast coal working near Mansfield Keller have undertaken two major Dynamic Compaction Projects. In 2008 Sports Direct were constructing their Distribution Depot and required Dynamic Compaction to treat the upper 7-8m of the made ground.

A large contract was undertaken in conjunction with Engineers RPS. At the time of treatment consideration was given to a future extension and a 30m apron of treatment was undertaken beneath the apron surrounding the building.

Late in 2013 design of a future extension was begun and it was clear that most of the site could be treated by Deep Dynamic Compaction. As services were present beneath the apron it was decided to undertake a small strip of less disruptive vibroreplacement immediately next to the apron. Thereafter, two Dynamic Compaction Cranes were employed to treat beneath both the floor and structure.

Floor Treatment was designed for 50kN/m2.

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