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Shoreham Port Wind Turbines

To provide the Shoreham Port facilities with a form of green energy, it was necessary to built two nED100-type wind turbines on the shoreline. Keller installed 24no micro piles to provide the foundations support to the turbines.

The main challenge was installing the micro piles on a small restricted site between the edge of rock armour sea defences and the concrete wave wall, all within the industrial port area, while ensuring the correct alignment and angle of installation.

The micro piles were installed from a platform built with sheet piles on the edge of the rock armour sea defences, which extended over the shingle beach below, providing space for site personnel to work safely.

Twelve micro piles were installed at each wind turbine location, each up to 25m long, containing a 50mm dia. The micro piles were installed at 5 degrees with the vertical and all radiating out from the centre of the wind turbine.

The Getec Azimuth Aligner was used to ensure the correct alignment and inclination.

Client: Shoreham Port

Main contractor: Norvento Wind Energy UK

Year of Execution: 2016

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