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Standlow Lane, Kniveton Compaction Grouting

Compaction Grouting
The process is the injection of a very stiff, low slump mortar type grout under relatively high pressures to displace and compact the soils in place.  Grout casings are installed in a pre-determined design pattern and grout is injected to form homogeneous bulbs as the casings are extracted.

Contract Statistics
Number of Compaction Grout Holes – 115
Total Metres Drilled – 517.5
Number of 1.0m Stages Injected – 402
Total Volume of Compaction Grout Injected – 74m3

Keller Geotechnique were contracted by McCane Construction, closely with the National House Building Council (NHBC), to carry out compaction grouting to the soils beneath and around two properties that were affected by subsidence at Standlow Lane, Kniveton.
A small TD308 drilling rig was used to drill the external bores where access was available around both properties. A duplex 114mm casing and 83mm auger drilling system was used, drilling down through the made ground to the limestone rock head. For any restricted access external bores and the internal bores, a 2.5” Grundomat with 66mm casing and sacrificial drill bit was used to reach the rock head.

Once the bores had been drilled to the required depth or refusal the grout line was connected up and grout was injected at metre stages of the bore. This low slump Compaction Grout was batched on site using a Bio 750 reversible drum mixer and pumped to the bore using a PM55 concrete pump.

The works were validated  by a series post treatment grout holes, where the grout injection volumes and pressures were monitored and compared to the pre-treatment injections.

System: Compaction Grouting

Client: NHBC

Contractor: McCane Construction

Engineer: Soiltechnics

Year of Execution:2014

Keller Geotechnique
Templar House
1 Sandbeck Court
LS22 7BA

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