Keller’s approach to Track Bed Stabilisation (TBS) is ground-breaking and demonstrates our ability to deliver the same technical expertise and innovative quality solutions as we do in every other environment around the world.

Advantages of our approach:

  • The speed of the install of this solution compared to traditional methods enables us to maximise the use of possessions/blockades and complete large stretches of track within a single shift
  • This completely dry solution requires no wet products, significantly reducing both cost and environmental risk and allowing it to take the full design load immediately with no curing period
  • Being a repetitive installation process, accuracy is improved and the design can be added to should additional stabilisation be required
  • Both noise and vibration is minimal significantly reducing the impact upon the existing infrastructure and surrounding environment to continue without the risk of contravening section 61

Building new foundations with the rail track in situ brings its own challenges but Keller’s experience, specialist plant and professionalism means there is no better company to deliver safely, efficiently and collaboratively both with Network Rail and principal contractor partners alike.

In the past, foundations built on existing track have either required its removal and blockades/extended possessions or have relied upon the use of wet products which pose additional environmental risks and costs.

Keller’s completely dry piling solution is fast, eliminates manual handling, is accurate, quiet, cost effective and requires minimal mobilisation on and off track.  Our specialist team members have been involved in Track Bed Stabilisation for many years and were part of the NR development programme leading to the introduction of NR’s preferred TBS solution.  Our expert installers also have significant experience of working on track, operating the specialist rail plant and of installing piles so you can rest assured that your project is in the safest of hands.

By working collaboratively with our clients, we are able to assess the requirements and limitations of each project and design a bespoke solution using our TBS piling technique.