Driven precast piles are  installed using impact or vibration hammers to a design depth or resistance.

Common uses

Can be used for all types of construction, particularly in aggressive soil conditions
Well suited to sites where the ground conditions are highly variable as they are driven to a set or pre-determined resistance
A good foundation choice when you have very thick layers of soft soil and/or a high water table that would be problematic for a traditional drilled pile
Large pile sizes can be used for: wind turbines and pylons, river bridge foundations, bridge abutments and piers, marine construction


Driven piles can be made of precast concrete or steel H-piles. In some cases, pre-drilling may be necessary in dense soil to allow the pile to reach design depth. They can be installed in one length or jointed for deeper piles.

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No spoil so often the most cost effective piling solution for contaminated or brownfield sites
Rapid follow-on construction
Extensive range of pile sizes
Piles are pre-manufactured to factory standards, the required length and standard conformity
Piles may be installed to significant depths > 40m
Unaffected by ground water
Widely used and suited to most ground conditions

Quality assurance

Keller has access to an extensive selection of pile sizes to ensure an optimum design solution and can draw on extensive experience and resources to ensure successful project delivery.

We also use the most up-to-date, enclosed hydraulic hammers, which keep noise disturbance to a minimum..