Last month two Keller divisions were back on site together in north London to test borehole surveying equipment for potential use on upcoming Keller jobs.

The trial was done as part of a training session provided by the manufacturer Devico and focused on two types of instrumentation - the DeviGyro and the DeviAligner.

Efficiency, accuracy and ease of use were important considerations when using the equipment as well as the associated software.

A number of existing trial holes were used for the testing allowing for practical assessment and comparison of results.

Some example results from the DeviGyro RG40 can be seen in the picture.

The Devigyro is practical, versatile and can provide quick, high accuracy surveys. Azimuth readings are accurate to ±0.1° over 100 metres and gives a typical position accuracy of 0.2%.

The equipment supports high speed continuous survey operation up to 100m per minute.

GEO-Instruments can offer down-hole surveying services within Keller and to other clients across the industry.

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