Keller UK is an experienced rail contractor providing market-leading solutions to this unique sector. Whether it be for the stabilisation of tunnels, embankments / cuttings, foundations for structures or new / existing track, we provide bespoke geotechnical solutions for each project.

Sector challenges we can solve

Our ability to design and install the most efficient and safest geotechnical solution enables us to maximise the use of possessions/blockades
The right solution and plant always has to account for the project specific conditions, such as restricted access/working conditions and noise limitations
Significant experience, both in this and other similar environments, allows us to efficiently design, mobilise, install and test multiple solutions on a single project as is required to maximise value

Keller’s approach to working in the rail sector mirrors exactly what clients have come to expect throughout all other sectors across the UK and beyond over the past 70+ years; a commitment to safety , state-of-the-art plant, the use of instrumentation & monitoring, highly trained teams of specialist operatives and a wide range of innovative and diverse solutions.

From CFA to rotary bored, drilled to driven, we offer a piling technique for whatever your location, access/working restriction and project requirements.  We also have a range of ground improvement techniques including vibro stone columns and rigid inclusions as well as specialist grouting solutions.

If you are looking to stabilise existing track insitu without the risks associated with installing wet piles through the ballast then Keller’s ground-breaking Track Bed Stabilisation solution will deliver all you need and more.

Phi Group and GEO-Instruments are our specialist retaining structure and Instrumentation & Monitoring businesses respectively.  They both provide market leading products and services ideal for use in the rail sector.

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